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Local Mobile Search SEO

Did you know that when people search the web on a smart phone, mobile websites show up first and rank higher in Google than a regular website?

What does this mean for brick and mortar businesses?

The reality of modern local marketing:
Local search has been around for decades. It started out with printed directories like the Yellow Pages.

Those days are long gone, and up to date research shows that consumers predominantly use their mobile devices to search locally and generate turn-by-turn directions.

The stark truth about search engine results:
In Google, the first ranking position in the search results receives 42.25% of all click-through traffic.
The second position receives 11.94% – and it drops off dramatically from there.

We don’t need to paint the picture for you because most local business owners know that this new ‘search and shop’ trend is having a disruptive effect on those business that have not kept up with the times.

As more and more people use their smart phones and mobile devices to search for products and services, you can only imagine how important positioning your business on mobile search is going to be to your bottom line.

Your local, mobile SEO solution:
Here at MyAppsCafe.com ww have a strategic ‘Local Mobile Domination’program that helps local businesses compete more effectively (online on mobile).

Not only do we build you beautiful, effective,¬† feature rich mobile optimized websites and Apps, we also help you show up higher in the local search rankings with our specialist ‘SEO for mobile’ services.

Isn’t it time to grabbed your Google advantage?

Your next steps:
Once you have ordered a beautiful, feature rich mobile optimized website take a moment to contact us via the form below and ask us how we can help you to dominate your local and mobile search results.

The mobile marketing revolution is here. It’s time to jump on board. Request your ‘DEMO’ App today.


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