Why Local?

Do you know where do most of your customers come from?

If you are a brick and mortar business that relies on your income from people walking through your door, then you know the answer is “people within 10 miles or 10 minutes of your location.”

distance shoppers will travel

Local is all about “knowing your customer” and thinking strategically about your giving your community what they want. 

Businesses who grasp this idea need look no further – literally – than their own back yards for customers.

Reaching customers within your community has never been easier.

Online and mobile technology puts your business in the palm of your customer’s hand and gives them a more personalized experience. It helps you build loyalty, and increase repeat sales by sending specialized messages, promotions and rewards that keep your customers coming back for more.


In addition to increasing your sales, highly targeted local marketing is known to be more reliable and cost effective than traditional media advertising.

Shoppers, especially those equipped with mobile devices, are utilizing local search before they buy online and in-store, locally. This means it is vital for small retailers to appear in local search

Business do better when they focus on local marketing.

In the modern, mobile world, business do better when they focus on local marketing. It’s affordable, easy to implement and brings a great return on your investment (ROI).

Think smart, think locally and capture the customer cash that is the easiest to reach.

Your next steps:
We help small business increase sales  – and dominate their local market with mobile ‘smart phone’ technology and Google.

Isn’t it time that you capitalized on your customers desire for localized, specialized services?  Join the smartphone and tablet revolution? Request your ‘DEMO’ App today.


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