What To Avoid When Running Successful Mobile Email Campaign

What to Avoid in Mobile Marketing Campaign?Mobile Site Design and Marketing is gaining momentum at breakneck speed. Why? It’s not because Mobile is latest, coolest digital toy out there.

It’s because mobile is convenient and affordable, and it is being adopted and used by 129 Million American consumers every day.

Yes! 129 million mobile savvy folk access websites, social media, review sites, maps, emails and more via their mobile devices, not just once, but several times a day.

The amount of time spent on our smartphones is on the up, and, contrary to popular belief, the biggest chunk of time that is spent on mobile internet is used for checking and sending emails.

So is your business taking advantage of the Mobile era or are you ignoring its potential?

Do you know the best way to take advantage of the fast growing mobile sector? And what about getting the best from mobile email marketing?

After all, email is still the cornerstone of business communication, and it’s still the number one way that businesses interact with their customers and suppliers – and a proven way to market your business and sell more products.(isn’t it?).

Wouldn’t you like to be able to get into someone’s inbox is an effective way?

Well mobile email marketing is just that. The problem is that not enough business are utilizing this communication channel effectively. And if you don’t believe me, answer this: What so you need to do to get Mobile users to open and read your emails on their smart phones?

We found a great infographic titled 7 Ways to run an unsuccessful mobile email campaign. It’s very well put together and highlights the troublesome fact that many businesses are ignoring their mobile customers needs and preferences – and losing out in the process.

It really put a wry smile on our faces.

The infographic cleverly covers the following mobile email marketing faux pas:

  • Procrastinate on creating an integrated strategy
  • Forget about scale
  • Pay No Attention to when you send
  • Skip the demographics
  • Focus on just one mobile platform
  • Hide your call-to-action
  • Make purchasing difficult

Take a look at it here

What To Avoid in Mobile Marketing Campaign?

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