Mobile Websites v Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps Vs Mobile Web Apps…. What’s the difference? Which is better for your Business?



Many business owners interested in utilizing the power of Mobile into their marketing can get confused by the different options available.

Whether your business is local or global, your customers are increasingly expecting you to mobilize your business.

MyAppsCafe is here to help you understand the benefits, and bring you a simple and straightforward, to the point break down of the differences between a mobile website and a mobile application (web App), and how these online tools can benefit your business.

What is a mobile website?

A mobile website functions very much like any website you see on the internet. The primary difference is that a well designed mobile site delivers a truncated, simple and easy to navigate version of your main website. It gives users straight to the point information with one click, optimzed navigation that is specially designed for easy use on small screens. This practical approach to design and functionality make it much easier for people to use while on the move. If there is any downside to a mobile businesses website  it is that they have restrictions and are not able to incorporate many mobile native features that boost marketing and income generating activity.

What is a mobile App?

A mobile application can do everything your mobile website can do and a whole lot more. What makes a mobile application more powerful is that they can tap in and utilize all the smart phone’s functionality as the application stored on your mobile phone. We offer  52 Mobile native features that can boost your businessNow, some of these features can play a massive role in increasing foot traffic, generating leads and more; all designed to boost your bottom line.

How will folk find your Mobile App and Mobile website?

It is important to distinguish how your clients and customers will find your mobile App and Mobile website . A mobile website is usually found through mobile search query. Potential customers will look for the services and products you offer via a general search query on a and go through search engine  (e.g. Pizza restaurant).

They will then click on direct link that show up on thier mobile device.   Just as with a traditional website, Local Mobile Search and proper SEO will play an important role in how your mobile site gets seen on Google.

A Mobile App is most effective when used inside your business.

What this means is that when your customers come in you get them to download the mobile application and use the native functions like discount coupons, push notifications and loyalty cards to reward, engage and entertain customers proven to buy from you.

Mobile App users are often a sociable bunch and they enjoy sharing through referrals. Apps make that natural behavior easy with a one click “tell-a-friend” feature  that spreads the word about your business, and your offers and deals, across social media platforms.

Most business owners make the mistake of thinking they only need one or the other, a mobile site or a mobile app.

In fact a mobile website is vital to make sure your customers can find you in first place while a mobile app is the best tool to ensure that you capitalize on, and build strong relationships with your customers, so you can re-market to them once they have come into your store.

The combination of the two utilities will bring a consistent stream of fresh leads and encourage your customers to frequent your business more often. These are two of the most effective and proven ways to raise your monthly revenue.

MyAppsCafe  mobile websites and Apps give your business a spot on your customer’s most beloved device… their smartphone. Your business will be just one click, flick or swipe away when they are deciding where to take their business.

Isn’t it time for you to join the phone and tablet revolution?  Request your ‘DEMO’ App today.