Mobile vs PC search? NEW online shopping Survey reports the winner is….?

mobile vs pcAs it gets closer to The Holidays it’s important for retailers to understand how maximize their profits sell more products online.

Today we have a great survey article and infographic about that for you about “46% of Searchers Now Use Mobile Exclusively to Research” its written by Jessica Lee, an author at

The infographic highlights some awesome information and statistics about the dramatic change in online shopping and search. When it comes to purchasing online, it’s clear that consumers are shifting away from desktop computers and utilizing their mobile devices to research and buy products.

What’s amazing to me (although it shouldn’t be as I do this exact same thing), is that even when people use their PC to search, they still have their smartphone in the other hand to call a business or conduct parallel research.

What this tells me is that without a doubt, every business needs a well optimized mobile presence to compete in today’s marketing place.

What I really like abut this post is that the infographic under in the main article is really simple and very easy to understand. The article answers the question “How Many Searchers are using Mobile to Exclusively do Research?”

Jessica Lee covers the following:

  • Mobile as a Research and Purchase Device
  • Opportunities for Brands and Mobile Apps
  • The Mobile-Local Sweet Spot
  • Additional Full Infographic

It’s a average sized article that will give you knowledge and absolutely benefit your business in terms mobile marketing. It is well worth the read (more than once I’d say). Read it here.

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46% of Searchers Now Use Mobile Exclusively to Research [Study]

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