Apps FAQ

What phones will my App work on?

We build for most every kind of smartphone out there. That includes iPhone (and iPad), Android, Blackberry, Windows, Nokia and other platforms.

Is this a Do-It-Yourself platform?

No. when you work with Ny Apps Cafe you are hiring a development company. You’ll speak to real people who will professionally design, build and launch your app. You don’t have to be technical or use any kind of online tool.

How long will it take?

The average build time from the point where we get all your content until we upload the finished app to the mobile store is generally 10 to 21 days. I’m sure you will agree that is pretty fast, but if you need it even sooner, we do provide a special service for rush orders.

Do you test everything?

We certainly do. We thoroughly test every app we build to make sure you get the highest quality, most reliable product out there.

Do you do custom work?

Yes. If you are looking for more intricate features, for example, maybe you need custom reporting, or have to integrate your app with an existing database, or you want a game or utility function; we specialize in custom solutions and are happy to scope out projects with you.

Why do I need an app?

Back in the 1990’s, people wondered why they needed a website. Few people wonder about that now. Very soon it will be the same thing when it comes to mobile apps and websites optimized for mobile phones. For more information about why Apps are so great for your business go to the Apps Benefits tab.

What if I want a mobile website in addition to (or instead of) an App?

We can give you a mobile site in addition to (or instead of) an app. Sometimes it makes sense to have both, because you always want to be where your customers are.

What if I want text messaging?

We can integrate your app with your existing text service, or we can set up an SMS platform for you. We have extensive experience in the SMS space and are happy to discuss the advantages of including text messaging in your mobile marketing plans.

How do I make changes to my app?

Once we have completed your build you will receive log in details to the dashboard of you app with access to video training. From the dashboard you are able to make updates, add events, coupons, special offers and more.

If you prefer that we maintain your App and make the changes for you we offer a App Management Service. There is a fee for this service. Please use the contact us form here to enquire about our managed App and Mobile website service.

What types of business benefit from an App?

We design apps for all sorts of business and individual needs, these include restaurants, venues, retail stores, realtors, radio and TV stations, museums, schools, non-profits, authors, musicians / bands, athletes, doctors, dentists, car hire and chauffeur services, online magazines, business coaches, and many more.

How much does it cost?

Our business Apps come with a menu of features to choose from. The final price reflects the level of complexity. We pride ourselves on supplying high value at a fair price The majority of our business Apps come in at between $2,250 and $4,000.

Can you help me get finance for my App?

In most cases the answer is yes. Please use the Contact Us form here to enquire about our App Finance service for USA based businesses.

Can I make money from 'in App' advertising?

Yes. Basic applications include advertising, which turns your app into a new line of revenue. We sell the ads, but if you are also able to sell mobile ads that is fine too. If you don’t want ads in your app, that is also all right.

How can I contact you?

Please use the Contact Us form here