Are you looking after your mobile customers this holiday season?

Mobile MarketingYou can’t give your business an edge using yesterday’s technology.

Whether you accept it or not, the rise of smartphones means that more and more people are going online from a mobile device.

What most business owners don’t seem to realize is that a surprisingly large number of these mobile internet users — 31% to be exact — say that’s the primary way they access the web.

That is such an important and significant shift that it’s fair to say that if your business is not paying attention to the mobile user then you are setting yourself up for a marketing disaster in 2014.

So why is this shift to the “mobile-only user” taking place?

Well, some of these users will have access to a desktop PC with broadband at home, work, or school. However as we all know, many static PC’s are shared devices.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to so my browsing (especially ny holiday shopping) in private. I am not alone in this, so when you think about it, shared access brings up the issue of privacy for many people.

This when it comes to accessing the web for personal use these people choose to turn to their trusted ‘always-on connected device’.

In other words they opt for and rely on their mobile.

Why do business need to pay attention that this increasing demographic NOW?

Well according to comScore, a whopping 46 percent of shoppers reported they exclusively use their mobile device to conduct pre-purchase research for local products and services. Internal data from some finance, healthcare, and travel providers show similar mobile-only usage.

So, if you’re trying to reach customers who only shop, bank, and socialize on their mobile devices you’re missing out.

I have no idea is your business is mobile ready, but if you are not, based on the facts, isn’t it time you took action?

To help you out we found an excellent article that bring you “10 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses” It was researched by by using intel from leading mobile marketing vendors

The article is really simple, very detailed and easy to understand. It shows us 10 of the most effective mobile marketing success tips for the coming year.

The article covers the following:

  • Assess Your Readiness for Mobile Marketing
  • Launch a Mobile-friendly Version of Your Website
  • Use Responsive Design for All Pages Great and Small
  • Target New Device Owners for Holiday Marketing
  • Optimize From the Ground Up; Make It Live Off the Device
  • and a lot more!!

It’s a medium sized article that will give you the heads up on the essential approach to serving your mobile customers and developing your Mobile Marketing Campaign and Website.

You can find the whole post here.

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