App Preview

Preview Some of Our “DEMO” Apps Now!

This is a list of our Demo Apps.

To view the App in action on the Demo viewer choose any of the codes below – we recommend you start with SHB Law Firm

 Then carefully follow the instructions below.
  • SHB  (Law Firm)
  • VALHALLA  (Kitchen & Bar)
  • SHARKEEZ  (Bar & Grill)
  • TORELLI  (Realtor)
  • LASMARG  (Restaurant)
  • HURRICANES  (Bar & Grill)
  • SUMMIT  (Financial Services)

How to use the App viewer:

  1. Click the white hand on the phone screen
  2. Wait for the App data to load
  3. In the blue box that pops up click OK
  4. Click in the Email Address section (just once & leave the password blank).  A keyboard will appear
  5. On the keyboad click first letter of the Demo App you want to see (e.g S for SHB law firm).  Wait until the letter appears in the email section
  6. Continue typing in the name of the Demo App
  7. Click on the ‘Next button’ located under the letter M.  It will turn blue and read ‘ Go’
  8. Click the blue ‘Go’ button
  9. Your App demo will appear in the phone window.
Once you have explored the App, simply tap the home / start button and type in one of these codes to see another Demo App